Ghorbany Bryanston

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Over thousands of years persian carpets have evolved - much like living creatures. Ghorbany has made it their mission to emphasise the creativity and innovation of this craft and art.Ghorbany started as a family business with roots in Iran/Persia, that not so long ago, was the biggest Empire built on tolerance, forward-thinking, beauty and harmony. It was the desire to feel that concept and through pride of that heritage supply the market with the last trace of that culture. We had our gallery in Iran and promoted this Art in Tehran for many years.Our family moved to South Africa in 1994, to the origin of the human race with a pride much older than the 2,500 year history of the Persian Empire. Back to millions of years, a rainbow nation with love and passion for beautiful and fine objects. We found willing ears to listen to the music of our carpets. New designs evolved and are evolving without sacrificing the good dimensions of our past.Ghorbany is now a brand where tradition meets innovation, where imagination meets sophistication. The brand is proudly capturing many homes, offices, palaces and hotels in and out of South Africa.